Coastal Property For Sale UK – Bed & Breakfast Opportunity

Coastal Property For Sale UK – Bed & Breakfast Opportunity

With immediate effect we wish to inform everybody that our coastal property for sale UK has now been certified by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board for use as a bed and breakfast establishment. Having passed the Fire Services Northern Ireland inspection and achieved an Ards Borough council Food Safety Order / Food Hygiene Regulation Certificate, the premises was presented with its certification.

The property has two letting rooms which typically achieve £60 each per night. As the property is situated on the coast with a lot of passing traffic the new owners can expect to achieve an income of approximately £300-£400 per week in the high season and £200-£300 in the low season.

We believe this represents an excellent opportunity for someone who is looking to retire to the coast but would still like to achieve an ongoing income.

Coastal Property For Sale UK – Letting Rooms Images

Coastal Property For Sale UK

Letting Room 1

Both letting rooms in our coastal property for

Coastal Property For Sale UK

Resident Lounge

sale UK are good sizes and residents benefit from their own comfortable lounge with all facilities, including tea and coffee and Sky T.V. There is also a video recorder for guests to record their  favourite programmes whilst they are out. Should you become the new owner of coastal property for sale UK, you may wish to convert the residents’ lounge into a further very good sized bedroom with its’ own stunning sea views.

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Coastal Property For Sale UK


Coastal Property For Sale UK

Hi Warren here, if you’re looking for a coastal property for sale UK, then I’m glad you’ve found my website and I urge you to keep reading…….

Because this site will show you what could be your dream home by the sea. So many people wish to own a beachfront property but with so few available it remains just that….a dream!

Are you looking for a coastal property for sale UK?

If you are looking to buy a home by the sea, please look through my coastal property for sale UK site and see if our home appeals to you. If you wish to ask us any questions please use the e-mail form on the Contact Us page.  Thank you for visiting Coastal Property For Sale UK.

Coastal Property For Sale UK

Ballywalter Road, Millisle, Co. Down, BT22 2LY

Once again we wouild like to take this opportunity to thank you for looking at my site dedicated to Coastal Property For Sale UK.

Why are our reasons for putting our Coastal Property For Sale UK?

My wife Elaine and I have been living in County Down for the last 10 years having moved here for work reasons. She didn’t initially want to move but said ‘find me a house by the sea and I will’. As I was commuting from England each week at the time this gave me the opportunity to drive up and down the coast looking for that special home on the beach. When I eventually found this house I was so excited at the prospect that I got her and my youngest son over the next week to view it. It was just as I thought. She took one look at the fantastic views from the living room and straight away said ‘I want it’!
We moved in some 4 months later and have spent the last 10 years enjoying the peace and tranquility only a beachfront home can give you. It truly is a wonderful experience.
Sadly our time to leave our home has come. Our eldest son has recently married and given us our first granddaughter. Coupled with the fact he is in the army and has just completed his second tour of Afghanistan the desire to be closer to our family who are living in England has now become our priority. We want to enjoy seeing our granddaughter grow up, so now we are giving someone else the opportunity to own our coastal property for sale UK, our beautiful home by the sea.

The Benefits of Living By The Sea

The Benefits of Living By The Sea

There are some fantastic health benefits to gain if you are living by the sea. It is well known that the thyroid gland is responsible for the working of the nervous system, your level of metabolism and growth. To function properly it needs iodine, an element which is commonly found in sea water, seaweed, algae and kelp. Iodine also has antiseptic properties.

The spray from crashing sea waves releases iodine into the air, Living By The Seaso as you are taking in a peaceful stroll along the beach you are breathing in the benefits of iodine entering your respiratory system. Salt air from the sea clears your nasal canals helping to cure asthma and other breathing problems.

Thalassotherapy (from the Greek word thalassa meaning “sea”) is a method of using sea water as a form of therapy. In thalassotherapy trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and iodine found in seawater are believed to be absorbed through the skin. The therapy is applied in various forms, as either showers of warmed seawater, application of marine mud or of algae paste, or the inhalation of sea fog.

Homeopaths widely believe in the benefit of drinking small amounts of sea water. Living by the sea leaves you open to  minerals and trace elements contained in sea water which can be easily absorbed by body cells, if they are provided in soluble form rather than sprinkling sea salt or iodine enriched salt over food. Adhering to that opinion, an accidential gulp of sea water might not do you any harm either.

The antiseptic properties of sea water can also be made good use of. Small cuts and injuries, bathed in sea water will heal faster and psoriasis sufferers have found relief and even healing from bathing in the sea.

Benefits of the Beach if you are Living By The Sea

Owning a coastal property means the beach is an ideal location for healthy exercise in various forms. The simplest is of course a walk in the sand. Walking barefoot trains the legs and massages the soles of the feet. Swimming in the ocean is brilliant exercise for people of all ages. It trains the arm, chest and leg muscles better than a swim in the pool, because you have to fight the current and the waves.

Healthy Exercise When Living By The Sea

Aerobic exercise on the beach is much healthier than in the gym as the sand provides a cushioned surface alleviating problems to joints and muscles. The sunlight also gives you a feeling of well being along with a healthy tan. Sea air is moist and therefore will keep your skin moistuized and can prevent wrinkles for longer. Sea water mixed with sand can well be used as a body scrub. Cover your legs, arms and feet, inluding the soles, with wet sand and gently massage in circular motions.

All these benefits are absolutely free to enjoy if you are living by the sea.